About Me #01

Meet Christina

Hi there & a warm welcome to my website.

My name is Christina and I am a fully qualified Reflexologist with an ITEC Diploma in Reflexology from “The Wilbury School Natural Health Clinic” in Brighton, England.

As a member of the reputable Association of Reflexologists, I am fully insured.

I'm also a qualified Nutritional Naturopath, which means that I can also give you advice on nutrition and other complementary therapies, should you be interested.

Many of my clients receive general reflexology for a wide range of conditions. Just one session may help you relax, improve your mood, aid sleep, relieve tension and improve your overall sense of well-being.

Even though I love to help anyone and everyone who feels they need it, I specialize in the areas of female health, pregnancy and children. My passion lies within the realms of pre-conceptual care, fertility issues, hormone balancing, pregnancy relaxation, post-natal recovery, baby & children’s health, menopause and other women’s issues.
I hold a Certificate in Maternity Reflexology and have recently qualified in Baby & Toddler Reflexology.

I feel very blessed to be based in the beautiful seaside town of Javea on Spain’s Costa Blanca, where I’m raising my two little boys with my husband.

Guarantee of Great Service

Obviously I can't guarantee results. No one can. But there is one guarantee I can give you and that's a guarantee to accept your case only if I truly believe I can help.

Plus, if I don't think I can help you, I'll tell you and I'll refer you to another specialist who might be able to help.

Why I Trained in Complementary Medicine

Before becoming a Reflexologist, I was a medical sales representative for Johnson & Johnson where I worked shoulder-to-shoulder with surgeons during operations. I spent my time training them how to use the state-of-the-art medical devices I was promoting.

Because of this, the training I received on the human anatomy was extremely rigorous, so that i was credible to the consultants and nurses, as well as ensuring patient safety. Surgeons would often have fun “testing” me, by asking me to explain a procedure to their medical students in the operating theatre on their whiteboards, with diagrams and all!

I feel very honoured to have worked with these fantastic surgeons and nurses over a 6 year period. These people tried tirelessly to improve the quality of their patients' ill health and disease. However, I did often find myself feeling frustrated and saddened when a patients’ condition was beyond the surgeon’s ability to help. Inevitably I began to ask myself if there was another way to stay healthy. The saying “Prevention is better than Cure” kept springing to my troubled mind.

And that is how my journey into studying natural health began, 7 years ago...

Nowadays, my quest is to encourage wellness to reign amongst my family, friends and clients, rather than the orthodox approach of trying to fight illness. Same goals, different approaches.

I believe that if you're encouraged to look at the prevention of illness through a combination of holistic therapy, exercise and nutrition, the need for medical intervention and pharmaceutical medicine can be drastically reduced. Your body really does do a great job of healing itself—if you just give it a chance.

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